About us
About Us:

Wise Services, Inc. is a small business contractor formed in 1993 to meet the construction labor needs of the operating contractor, at the Department of Energy's Fernald Closure Project. Wise Service's contract with Fluor Fernald began shortly after they were awarded the environmental cleanup and restoration contract and remained in effect until the physical completion and closure of the former nuclear weapons program site.

Wise Services worked at the Fernald site for fourteen years (1993-2006) contributing labor and management to the closure mission of the site. The projects and tasks that were completed ranged in complexity from ordinary to highly involved and the company quickly acclimated to the safety culture and learned the inherent issues of the work environment at DOE projects.

In 2008, Wise expanded its operations to South Carolina when awarded a Savannah River contract by Shaw AREVA MOX Services. Though headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Wise has made a strong commitment to its SC operations by moving five members of its management staff to the Aiken area to oversee the work. In 2012, Wise began work on a Fluor-B&W project at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Ohio. Wise companies presently employ a combined staff and workforce of approximately sixty employees on sites in Ohio and South Carolina.

WSI has capabilities in the critical areas needed to successfully accomplish specialized DOE building programs. We have a system by which we develop and institute program controls in order to deliver a project on time and on budget. Our proven construction management procedures ensure a fully integrated approach with all the technical resources needed to deliver the required results.

Each phase of every project or job order is tracked to the level and detail necessary to effectively manage the separate elements of the work identified. Our program control system brings together the cost and schedule information needed to manage all procurement and construction activities. Once the details and confirmation of an implementation plan are complete, responsibility is fixed, and accountability over the entire program is assured.